My Ducks

My ducks as of 1/24/10

 2010 ducks:
our newest editions
Lucy and Roscoe

2008 and 2009 ducks:

Sergeant Ketchup (male indian runner),
Skittles (female pekin),
Apple (male Khaki Campbell),
Fuzzy (male pekin),
and Snuggles (female pekin).

(Henry [female pekin] got eaten in the summer of 2010)

 2009 ducks:

Admiral (male Khaki Campbell)
Deckhand (male Khaki Campbell)
Lieutenant Kelvin (male Khaki Campbell)
Private Daffodil (female Indian Runner)
 Left to right:
Cheese (female muscovy)
Bleu Cheese (male muscovy)
[far back] DOT (female muscovy)
[front] Dusty (female muscovy)
Blackie (female muscovy)
Night (female muscovy)
Tuffy (male muscovy)
Swiss Cheese (male muscovy)
Tuffy (male muscovy)

DOT (female muscovy)
Cheese (female muscovy)
Blackie (female muscovy)